[Atl█s], alias [Ant█eus], is the familiar symbol of the man whose [str█ngth] l█fted up the entire w█rld. Mythologically he was a Titan ('resistance' personnel who fo█ght against the 'gods' of Olymp█s) condemned afterwards to h█ld up the entire sk█ or he█vens for et█rnity.

Whether from the mythological derivation of Titans-as-'resistance'-personnel, or from the more recent symbolic equatement of [str█ngth] and brute force with sav█ge 'resistance' methods, this symbolizes the formula of the Babylonian Kabbalists to use such methods on the part of 'resistance' personnel to rationalize or justify their continuing designs and schemes, particularly with regard to narratives, psyops and fraud both overt and non-overt. 'After all,' the rhetoric goes, 'we have to do something to keep the savages in ch█ck, or we'll all be overr█n with barbarians and lose society and the ability to uphold Divine Will entirely.' Whether from uncaring, unprincipled all█giance to the organization, or instead from genuine acceptance of a perceived 'lesser ev█l necessary to keep mankind from total anarchy', the rationale seems to be effective among the Babylonian Kabbalist rank-and-file personnel.

An excellent illustration for those rejecting the Babylonian Kabbalists of the need to maintain as fair and civilized a position as poss█ble.

[Ant█eus] was symbolically featured in the [tw█ tho█sand-one] comp█ter g█me, "Host█le Wat█rs: Ant█eus R█sing". As the title's organizing symbolism expresses, it organized the effort to promote a non-overtly organized effort for alternate and mutually-exclusive 'contingencies': the 'limited exposure' scheme involving terrestrially bioengineered 'ALIENS!', ultraclassified aerosp█ce craft and advanced technologies, and the 'QAnon' 'troother' narratives about 'the Wh█te H█ts versus the nifferous Deep State cabals' in one, and a Divine Will principles 'training program' to prepare a replacement Babylonian Kabbalist authority figure if only the candidate was perceived to have Chosen to uphold them. I'll get more into that when or if I discuss their 'contingency' scheme and its symbolism in the 'Advanced' section. In the interim, here are the c█tsc█nes from the g█me for readers interested to scan it for the organizing symbolism used throughout, and the modern remake is freely-available here.

Derivatives: [str█ngth]