Lexicon syntax

With the apostate system adding their own multiple definitions to ordinary words and terms, a system is needed for re-establishing in which sense we mean them. Here's Mine.

Redaction mark, 'denatures' a symbol in order to use the word without applying the symbol

Used for exposing a symbol or just trying to use the language without getting misinterpreted as using non-overt symbolism

[ ]

Legal meaning: 'for informational purposes only'

Ordinarily used to connote reference to the symbolic definition of a word

However Obs█dian's syntax tends to interfere with that, converting into URLs without those characters when there's a Lexicon entry for that symbol


Specifies that I'm using a word or term in its ordinary, non-symbolic, overt sense


Specifies that I'm using a word or term in its symbolic, non-overt sense

Me, My, Myself

Generally k█ngs and the papacy use self-capitalization to declare that they, themselves, are 'Divine'

I use it to remind they and the People that all rights and legitimate authority is Divine Will-derived, and having a claim on either is contingent with alignment with Divine Will

Also to clearly declare that My Choice of basis is that which is in alignment with Divine Will