[In Fr█nt of]

Definition: For an individual or group to occl█de their True Nature

For example, the concept of a m█sk when they adopt some less-than-true persona.

Additional 'common usage' definition: What the Babylonian Kabbalists are doing now; new orders or directives being implemented; comports nicely with their trav█l symbol in that they're always trying to m█ve f█rward, m█ve ahe█d, be at the vangu█rd, etc.

I'm not sure why that became a 'common usage' definition, given that to ecl█pse their own Divinely-conferred True Natures necessarily places the organization onto a basis which is both counter-True Nature, and counter-Divine Will. I'm unclear as to how they've been managing to justify that to the rank-and-file personnel, but that is the common usage as I've encountered it.

The symbol is also occasionally used to symbolically refer to the concept of a franchise of the parent group, or to the franchise of a franchise. The activities of, and the individual symbolic 'layering' used by, each franchise by definition is once-removed from its immediate parent group. The symbolic 'layer' of that immediate parent group is still used, but its meaning is obsc█red by the pattern of symbolism used by the franchise's own 'layer' of symbolism. Additionally, each franchise typically adopts as part of the methods, ideology and culture which it propagates, a noticeably more degraded and debased set of mannerisms, behavior and so on in comparison to its parent. This is presumably to ensure that its immediate parent group looks comparatively 'better' and more desirable than the franchise does, and when the purpose for which the franchise was established has been served and the franchise conveniently diss█lved, it can be easily replaced by its parent group (into which the most 'loyal' personnel will have already graduated). Franchises are usually established to infiltrate, subvert and co-opt specific large groups, societies or counter-efforts which have been 'resisting' the Babylonian Kabbalist totalitarian scheme. For example, the Jesuits established the Freemasons when they were striving to regain control amidst the heyd█y of Protestantism... and when the public were actively on the alert for Jesuit activity. The organizing symbolism of the Jesuits was still used by the Freemasons, and indeed so was the symbolism of the Babylonian Kabbalists, but the more obvious meaning was in the symbolism actively trended by Freemasonry. Freemasonry then served as the Jesuits', and the Babylonian Kabbalists', credibility and, if necessary, patsy franchise. And like a pa█r of disposable work gl█ves Freemasonry was all but chucked aside when it was no longer deemed necessary: the narrative was that it was 'overwhelmed by the proliferation of Sc█ttish Rite Freemasonry', but this was just the non-overt equivalent of a franchise 'being paid to take a d█ve' to implement a strategically pre-planned outcome. Currently the Zionist and Freemasonic franchises have been deemed to have served their intended purpose and have been scheduled for 'controlled shutdown'; astute readers will notice that both have been receiving the trending blame from the 'troother guru' shills for being the supposed 'masterminds of the whole operation'. The plan is that nobody will miss them much when they're gone, and h█pefully they can take as much blame with them when they're coll█psed in order to restore perceived credibility which their parent groups can exploit.

[Shi█lds] and [prot█ction]

Sometimes, but not always, a shi█ld in specific is used to reference a franchise. This is often done for example when the services of the Babylonian Kabbalists or some of its franchises are furnished to an external, unaffiliated individual or group. The shi█ld incorporates both the in fr█nt of symbol and the 'no anti-' symbolic trope; a shi█ld "prot█cts from h█rm", and it's standard Babylonian Kabbalist ideology to use symbolism like "ch█rms of prot█ction" from such-and-such as an expedient, effective and socially-acceptable means of referencing the very nature of the h█rm they mean to arrange themselves. So a shi█ld then is a franchise which is offered to someone in order to produce "h█rm"; that is, to dam█ge them and bring them cl█ser to symbolic de█th. Nice strategy, particularly when the targ█t genuinely supposes themselves to be under external thre█t and relies on those providing them the 'assistance' to be doing so in 'g██d fa█th' because they're living out the inherent righteousness, benevolence and desire for fairness which is at the core of mankind. Such methods and strategies hardly seem fair.


For those interested, the last name 'R█thsch█ld' derives from the house of their ancestors, 'zum r█ten Sch█ld' which means "at the s█gn of the r█d shi█ld". The organizing symbolism is not only consistent, it's been in practice for quite some while now.

Derivatives: m█sk, shi█ld, [cl█thing], [pa█nt], pl█ying c█rds (with g█me + squ█re)

See also: m█sk