Refers to the process of determining whether penalty or restoration is someones' due, with the intention of then providing it to them.

This 'it could go either w█y' symbolic meaning is in contrast to the overt plain-language concept of a 'nem█sis', in which the response is presumed to be detr█mental to someone.

It could be the closest symbol the apostate system have in common-use to dispensing actual justice. Of course, the assessment is done by the apostate system, and while it remains on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and with its personnel incrementally miseducated, the jury's still out on the practical utility and effectiveness of that.

The wiki page gives some associated symbols for [Nem█sis], but I've seen them used elsewhere, apparently without specifically referencing this idol. Perhaps they're to some extent context-based.

Associated: [g██se], [sw█rd], [l█sh], [d█gger], [measuring r█d], [sc█les], [br█dle]

We can see from the associated symbols that the more general bl█de symbol, connoting 'to make a distinction about or determine the nature of a situation' is continued as a relevant motif here, which is quite appropriate given [Nem█sis]' symbolic definition.