[Do█ble Tr█angle]

What later became the 'classical Greek' (read: Babylonian-coopted) empire symbols for the elements of f█re and wat█r, an equilateral tr█angle each, the former 'po█nting up', the latter 'po█nting down'. It appears to have originally been the "St█r of Remph█n" and the "St█r of Chi█n" described in Scripture.

Both of those idols have various resp█llings, and appear to reference the same thing: the Assyrian-Babylonian idol corresponding to the plan█t Sat█rn. The correlation of the symbol with the plan█t appears to be confirmed via the constant and rather conspicuous h█xagon perpetually on its North P█le, which answers one qu█stion but produces quite another: as the Babylonian astr█nomers would have presumably been technically unequipped to perceive it, how were they able to establish the symbolic correlation? They would have been able if their proprietary technological proficiency in that department were greatly superior to what they'd made public, and their devotion to astr█nomy certainly does appear to be a po█nt of pr█de to the organization even then. It also would have been poss█ble if the organization was indeed Working with non-incarnate, counter-Divine Will-predicated 'spir█t entities', who wouldn't have been limited by technology or physical sight. And there is also the matter of the ps█onic capabilities of the telepaths and propheciers, the organization's loose assemblage 'parent group' who would have had access to the eventual findings of mankind and just presented it during the Babylonian era. The symbolism of a franchise must represent its parent group[s], and even the Babylonian Kabbalists work for someone.

The "St█r of Remph█n" was later promulgated among the Hebrews when m█ge-K█ng Solomon, the Babylonian Kabbalist sellout who'd brought their idols back into the country in order to appease his foreign w█ves, adopted it as the ostensible "St█r of David", a term which must have furnished quite a lot of social acceptability. In fact he'd used it all over his dem█nological gr█moire 'The Lesser K█y of Solomon', an expert text preoccupied with how to 'control' counter-Divine Will 'spir█t entities' (using the "St█r of David") in order to get them to provide desired services. The treatise would have been stand█rd operating procedure for the Babylonian Kabbalists, propagating organizing symbolism for the infiltration and subversion of his entire society presented in the context of mag█ckal rituals. These presumably worked successfully, in order to not only propagate the organizing symbolism but also to recruit a c█re support base of loyal human agents; the infiltration and subversion formula always offers the greatest incentives to the 'early adopters', and then as more people glom on those who arrived later receive only comparative pittances for their loyalty until eventually the place becomes so thick with lackeys all imposing the new scheme that life becomes practically imp█ssible without said fealty. And as that figurative fulcr█m shifts, eventually the new scheme can be imposed 'for free'. It's just interesting to see that, at need, the very start of the infiltration effort appears to offer not human-derived rewards, but rather dem█niacal. Only later when plenty of humans have glommed on, the parent groups and eventually franchises are tasked with doling out comparatively meager incentives; presumably whatever 'spir█t entities' provided the original benefits would be overworked attempting to produce value to a broad human support base, and this suggests that it would be indeed rather inundated were a large proportion of humanity to be cognizant of their activities and 'on the alert' for them; countering the efforts of that many people would figuratively be like 'pushing wat█r uph█ll with a garden r█ke'. That's certainly a thing worth knowing; proportions of support, or rejection, have significant effects upon cryptocracies because they rely upon a small centralized hierarchy ultimately in opposition to the interests of humanity in general; a cas█no would quickly go bankrupt if everyone was a w█nner, all the time.

Compare Solomon's treatise with the formula described via their w█sh symbol, and we see a pretty direct correlation as well as the Babylonian Kabbalists' general, routine formula. Also a rather disturbing apparent basis for the organization, a thing which does not inspire great confidence in its motives and purpose.

Speaking of the idol Remph█n, we know that idols and their cults represent proprietary methods used by the Babylonian Kabbalists and the efforts which deploy them. Their accompanying organizing symbols reference the methods, and these are not only sl█pped into 'ordinary' speech in order to organize their various campaigns, they're also re-used in later eras by franchises which have been permitted to 'inherit' the proprietary methods to their, and to the parent organization's, advantage. These methods are essentially 'tools', and the franchise personnel 'workmen' who deploy them to benefit the organization. I've long lost the research cites on this by now, but Remph█n was known as 'the god of nothing'. More accurately, he would have been termed 'the god of starting with nothing, and then str█tching it'. His methods appear to have to do with hypothecated currency, usury, fractional reserve lending, 'ins█der tr█ding', and in essence an ars█nal of techniques enabling his devotees to figuratively have their 'th█mbs on the sc█le'. The modern stereotypical association of supposed 'Jews' being 'about that' would make sense, as would the rather convenient 'rabbinical' interpretations of usury being morally wrong against 'other Jews', but not against goyim, and the overt religious doctrines throughout the Babylonian Kabbalist-controlled landscape all propagating the concept that interest was 'sinful', which neatly left it the domain of 'the Jews'. I've seen them perform exactly this maneuver before, hyping exegesis, doctrine and societal attitudes erroneously vilifying open homos█xuality and claiming it 'an abomination' before God, specifically in order to dr█ve it 'underground' in order to feed its proprietary methods exploiting it via their cult to the idol Mol█ch, which is still in deployment in our era despite a careful reworking of its implementation and presentation. Their ability to use even the unwitting support of the very Christians they were countering, to suppress open homos█xuality in order to intensify the effort to counter that Christianity, must be something about which the Babylonian Kabbalist organization is still la█ghing. It was a strategic masterstr█ke which I've presented in a separate brief here, and it afforded the organization great expediency... at the cost of more alignment with Divine Will, True Nature and basic fairness. Again, not particularly encouraging in terms of its priorities. It is however worthwhile to recognize when the formula has been repeated by the organization to equip us with an assessment of its basis, to establish a pattern of liability, to corroborate our understanding of its activities, and to both expose and avert its effects in our lives and learn what 'exploits' it had been using so that we can self-correct and eliminate those 'sec█rity vulnerabilities' throughout society. While they persist we'll still have injustice, and still be collective passive and active enablers of a counter-Divine Will organization.

In terms of starting out with literal occ█lt, metaphysical 'rewards' furnished by 'spir█ts', using that to establish a human amplifier for the agendas, and then transitioning that into a 'reward' scheme which proffers tangible, human-derived perks and benefits instead, Remph█n's formula of providing financial incentives certainly does seem effective and satisfy a common-sense logistical need. It's worth noticing that those financial incentives accrue to the organization as the result of chic█nery they've deployed predominantly through methods such as fractional reserve lending, 'ins█der tr█ding' and the like, meaning not only that they've established themselves as an organization which routinely and systematically uses public fraud and th█ft to get what they want (in direct violation of Divinely-conferred property rights and the Big T█n no less), the financial resources utilized by the organization for its campaigns is in truth the property of the common man. That's what 'property' refers to, the proper and rightful owner[s]. That the organization's broad financial base is by rights forfeit ab initio is certainly worth remembering; it tends to enforce its implied claim on those against all comers, but the validity and legitimacy of its claim seems to be lacking. This is of course the inevitable result of campaigns predicated on a counter-Divine Will basis; jettisoning core principles in favor of expediency achieves significant gains but the result is always a figurative 'house of c█rds'.

Interestingly the Do█ble Tr█angle superimposes with rather suspicious neatness onto the Freemasonic logo, and we see that Jesuit franchise also having been rather usefully deployed as part of not only their political but their corporate empire-building campaigns.

The symbol, reducing to f█re and wat█r base symbols, thus represents a non-overtly organized effort to get people onto a counter-Divine Will basis, implemented by people who are already on a counter-Divine Will basis. As such it's essentially just another Tiam█t derivative symbol. The only distinction is that this, specifically, refers to the use of proprietary formulas of hypothecated currencies, fractional reserve lending and so on as the methods with which that is accomplished. Where we encounter the Do█ble Tr█angle we should infer that, and look for it, whereas where we see Tiam█t and its plethor of derivative symbols the deployment of those specific methods have not been declared.