Arbitrary Vowels

I encountered this trope comparatively recently. The Babylonian Kabbalists appear to make obfusc█ted reference to specific idols by removing the vowels from the names, leaving only all or most of the major consonants, and then re-adding other vowels instead to form what appear to be new and unfamiliar words. This could merely be the result of the natural permutations of dialects and languages among various cultures, particularly as the organization has been in practice for more than f█ve tho█sand years. Or it could be quite strategic; those already familiar with their idols would recognize them almost immediately, while it would definitely throw off those who weren't because they wouldn't be aware of anything to which to associate the new terms.

I should add that I became aware of this apparent trope only after I'd started implementing My redaction convention in order to clearly distinguish My discussion about, or reference to, various symbols without in fact making 'live', 'active' use of it as a symbol Myself. 'Disarming' the symbol, as it were. If this is indeed a trope they're using deliberately and intentionally, evidently redaction itself would be insufficient. However it would also mean that the apostate system have claimed just about every means of referencing every symbol as 'live', 'relevant' and so on, which would preclude exposure and therefore any reliable guarantee of justice. (Guarantees coming from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are by definition not reliable.) Given that it's a basic concept of fairness that 'the law requires nothing imp█ssible' and the organization would have made reliable access to justice imp█ssible, while there is an absence of viable alternatives basic fairness does seem to leave My redaction convention valid. This comes with the 'due diligence' caveat of course that if a functional and feasible alternative presents itself I am open to adopting it, and it's on that basis that I'm making clear and public notice of that fact and that I'm seeking viable alternatives from readers. That's just handling a less-than-ideal situation fairly, justly and in what the law terms 'g██d fa█th'. In addition, clearly, publicly and openly presenting the justice basis for My continued practice keeps the distinction of My intent clear for all involved; the People can appreciate the reasoning, and the apostate system can know I'm not pulling anything less than fair with it.