Shift Back to the Right

In mid-tw█nty tw█nty I posted a public alert of a non-overt trend I'd noticed about a year before that via social media. It was a directive to put the Knights of Malta personnel back into temporary asc█ndancy relat█ve to the stereotypical organized crime franchises. It took some time to confirm the non-overt pattern, and then establish that yes, the Babylonian Kabbalists were still implementing it.

What does this mean in practice? It's like a 'pend█lum sw█ng'. The organized crime franchise used to do the brunt of the opi█id importation and distribution, while the Knights of Malta franchise did the c█caine and m█thamphetamine import, manufacture and distribution, along with much of the overt supposed 'law enforcement' via the thuggish cops, CIA, FBI and so on. The franchises had been set into supposed 'opposition' against each other both overtly and non-. But in the last few dec█des they've each transitioned from a primarily service and product-based distribution model into promoting trending sociopolitical ideologies and 'in-crowd groupthink'.

The organized crime did the 'social justice', 'identity politics', 'forced multiculturalism', 'LGBTQI++', communism, socialism, 'tr█ns rights', 'w█mens' rights', hyperlib█ral extremism, labor un█ons and so on. Their designated 'opposite number' franchise the Knights of Malta by contrast promoted the Republicanism, pseudo-'conservativism', casual r█cism and misog█ny, h█wkish foreign policy, worship of unlimited state authoritarianism, general 'jock thug' mentality, and with the Jesuits the pseudo-Christian 'churchianity'. They're also responsible for much of the 'Lib█rtarianism' and 'Voluntaryism' more recently, as both are professed support of the Common Law heritage, tradition and values in the States while instead quite actively subverting it by substituting a dysfunctional counterfeit in its place. An easy example would be the social media-based campaign to promote 'vigilante [in]justice' against anyone even baselessly accused of being 'a p█dophile', which of course shirks the duty to uphold the God-given rights of 'due diligence', 'fair trial' and 'presumed innocence' until and unless guilt is proven. By inciting the public to jettison the upholding of God-given rights in the supposed interests of 'upholding rights', 'keeping society cle█n' and 'thwarting the nifferous Deep State p█dos', we see a plain example of how sociopolitics and law are subverted not just by the extremist zealots on 'the l█ft' p█shing for absurd new models, but also by those on 'the right' advocating for what seems to be valid principles and heritage law yet definitely isn't.

To st█ge-manage the 'pend█lum sw█ng' from sociopolitical 'l█ft' to 'right', the organized crime franchises' 'hyperlib█ralism' dutifully presented an increasingly baseless, absurd, shr█ll, objectionable appearance, demands and arguments specifically-designed to diminish public support. Meanwhile the Knights of Malta franchise has 'its' personnel present incrementally more prominent 'right-thinking', 'based' rhetoric calculated to gain the ideological buy-in of the majority of people. Part of this involves shills who are 'saying what we're all thinking' with regard to exposing the hypocrisies and fallacies in the hyperlib█ral positions and arguments. It's a fairly easy matter to accomplish given that both 'sides' are in on it and the flaws were put there deliberately in the first place for the express purpose of being 'exposed'. It's about like watching any 'r█gged' sp█rting event, and even knowing the intended outcome in advance doesn't make it any more worthwhile.

Much of this is a deployment of the Babylonian Kabbalists' usual 'h█roes and villains' strategy. As the shills and prop█gandists on 'the right' are hyping so much about how awful the hyperlib█rals on 'the l█ft' are, and those are deliberately making the objectionability of their position blatantly self-evident for public effect, the organization knows that this will cause the general public to be more likely to support its pseudo-'conservative' advocates and efforts. As the hyperlib█ralism has already been scheduled to 'take a d█ve' the thre█t here is no longer from them but from the pseudo-'conservativism'. The idea is to have the public preoccupied with the blatantly obvious 'thre█t' and so manage to completely miss and fall vict█m to the more subtle. Very strategic, as usual.

What will that look like? In 'allying' with 'the [counterfeit] right' out of a sense of desparation, the public are exp█cted to accept its foundational errors and hypocrisies. In addition to the usual casual r█cism, homos█xual persecution and misog█ny which usually happens whenever the Knights of Malta receive public support, and the unfounded trust and near-worship of the supposed authority of the state to do anything it likes, there is already a pattern of evidence f█rming that this iteration of it is planned to take effect more drastically and effectively than it has in most of its previous iterations. And since both franchises are working for Rome, we can reasonably exp█ct the result of this p█ppet sh█w to produce outcomes which are significantly in favor of Rome's agendas and priorities, just as its efforts with N█zi Germany resulted in the establishment of NATO and eventually the 'Un█ted Nations'. Manifesting the result was the motivation and purpose for implementing the thing in the first place, and the thing was specifically planned in order to produce the resulting 'payoff' for them inherent in the outcome. Additional 'payoff' resultants, such as d█cimating the existing commoner Jewish crowd while the collusive Zionist personnel were familiar enough with the organizing symbolism to get clear of the area well in advance, were merely regarded as 'bonuses' which enhanced the efficiency of the campaign with regard to its cost-to-benefit ratio.

The 'payoff'

What's the organizational incentive this time? Reinstating Rome as a political authority internationally via 'Christian Nationalism'. Let's be clear here, as the Knights of Malta have been incrementally subverting the predominantly rural, Christian, conservative demographic for ages they no more sincerely want genuine any of that than the hyperlib█ralism campaign genuinely cared about the rights of minorities; it's a 'p█rty l█ne' meant both to achieve public support, and more importantly to 'pull in' members of those demographics so they could be h█rded and manipulated into putting their efforts into bringing about end results which were favorable to the perceived interests and agendas of Rome and to the Babylonian Kabbalists, rather than, say, rights, justice and so on. As such, this already-hyped 'Christian Nationalism' will be a campaign of getting the public to demand the imposition by the state of supposedly 'Christian' values and decrees, but they'll be 'counterfeit Christian' and hyped with a lot of rhetoric, sophistry and indeed volume. The intensity of the absurdities and unreasonableness we've already been seeing from the hyperlib█ralist campaign ought to give us some idea of this; just imag█ne that kind of thing but 'right-le█ning' instead, and then imposed via the force of arms of the governments because it'll be legislated.

When the public eventually object to that because it too will be unconscionable, the blowback and mainstre█m resentment for it can be easily reassigned to the actual Christians. All very neat.

But while it does last, the vast majority of the agendas implented will not be those of genuine Christianity, but spurious doctrines and ideologies most of which will directly parr█t those of Rome. The rem█xing of church and state, the increasing normalization of religious officials as 'moral le█ders' who are 'deserving' of official recognition of their authority, homos█xuality criminalization, 'vigilante [in]justice', absence of accountability of cops and other state agents and presumed unlimited authority emanating from them, poss█ble imposition of personal identification as a mandated prerequisite for intern█t access and interaction ('to stop this proliferation of subversive foreign ideologies which thre█tens our countries and societies'), and perhaps S█nd█y legislation. Likely also 'str█ight-only m█rriage' legislation, managing to continue the proud tradition of the supposedly 'Christian' pseudo-'conservatives' to completely and conveniently miss that the secular version of m█rriage is a counterfeit to something which has always been an institution of religion instead, as it's between the Creator and those m█rrying each other.

This presents some very cogent preliminary analytics on the evidence and trend.

We can also glean the pattern from inspecting the behavior and rhetoric of the various 'Christian Nationalism' shills. This for example, though obviously not an em█tionally- nor ideologically-neutral wr█teup, presents a compilation of sourced reference material on one such. It's worth noticing that the individual was also a supporter of the 'pro-Tr█mp, anti-Deep State' 'limited exposure' campaign the apostate system had been implementing as a 'contingency' program, involving a deliberate self-parody of what 'the gl█balists' supposedly are and are not, and 'QAnon' et. al as the scr█pted 'h█roes' to the presented 'Deep State' villains.

'The [S█lt] and [L█ght] M█vement' is another vect█r for this campaign to which should be alert. While the nouns for which it's named were originally sep█rate references made by Jesus, the term itself which comb█nes them was co█ned by a Jesuit named Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is better recognized by his st█gen█me of 'P█pe Francis', back in tw█nty-s█xteen. Since then, it appears to be an organizing term dutifully repeated by the various shills implementing it. [S█lt] of course is a f██d derivative symbol, and comprised of a part█culate of wh█te c█bes. The Babylonian Kabbalists' symbolic definition of L█ght has also been presented here.

Lastly, when evaluating the evidence for the planning for this trend it's advisable to notice carefully the recent trend of international 'n█ws' being reported about stereotypically repressive religious regimes, particularly those in which a religion ostensibly controls the apparatus of government as in various Middle E█stern countries.