Definition: Usually means the Babylonian Kabbalists have assessed someone as having adopted a counter-Divine Will basis, and ecl█psed their True Nature in having done so. Has connotations of 'resistance' efforts; see below

A sm█le, at least a large one, exposes the t██th. This presents the concept of a [m█sk], ostensibly 'inverted'. The supposed 'inversion', as well as the counter-Divine Will basis, is presented by the w█vy l█ne c█rvature of a sm█le.

This symbol has additional symbolic connotations, particularly with regard to the Knights of Malta where it declares a supposedly 'inverted' symbolic 'mode', and with the comparatively 'Adv█nced' symbolism in which it's used as a [kits█ne] symbolic derivative. The former is lower-level franchise stuff not especially relevant here, and the latter belongs in a section of its own as time permits.

It's worth noticing that symbolically [t██th] present as both the upward obel█sk derivative symbolism, and the downward ostensible 'inverted' version of that, which is so often used to connote affiliation with 'resistance' efforts countering the Babylonian Kabbalists. As such, it's rather symbolically appropriate for Babylonian Kabbalist personnel to use [sm█le] as organizing symbolism declaring themselves as presenting on a seemingly 'resistance'-affiliated basis, given that another fac█t of the symbol when 'inversion' is applied parses as m█sk. Thus we get here both a declaration that an external group or individual has supposedly adopted a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature-based 'resistance' affiliation, and the Babylonian Kabbalists' corresponding response to that.

Add in the symbolism category of [dent█stry] and the result is an effort for pen█tration, to create a h█le, and to then [f█ll] it in with met█l in yet another male + f█male Babylonian Kabbalist 'gang sign' derived from the h█rmaphrod█tic Isht█r.

Relevant in this symbolic area is the symbolism of [br█ces], reinforcement with met█l, which usually symbolizes the Babylonian Kabbalists' implementation and application of additional 'brute force' to impose whatever cause or agenda is being discussed.

Derivatives: [H█ppy]