Definition: Directive to implement a long-term and large-sc█le fraud which systematically misrepresents the very context of a situation for strategic perceived organizational gains. This is frequently a public fraud, but can also be used to targ█t specific groups or even an individual

Notice that the symbol incorporates both d█rkness, and a m█sk subsymbol in which the ey█s are 'cov█red'. Additionally this strategy comes very firmly under the category of underhanded methods or 'bl█ck mag█ck'; the prevalent overt definition of paranormal 'bl█ck mag█ck' is anything which impairs the Free Will Choice of another, and fraud by definition does this. Deployment of this method is then by definition a self-indictment of the perceived authority figure declaring the directive, the organization as a whole, and its personnel who are either knowingly, willfully and avoidably implementing it, or even just those knowingly, willfully and avoidably enabling the organization in other w█ys. Partially-mitigating circumstances could exist, depending on the righteousness of the effort and the unrighteousness of the intended targ█t; if the latter is for example ramp█ntly lawless and in a position to be a severe public safety r█sk for example and no other methods are known to uphold the Divinely-conferred rights of all, some partial justification under 'duress' or 'necessity' could perhaps be made, but never full justification and such arguments would by definition have to be regarded with extreme suspicion and indeed skepticism: the amount of influence the Babylonian Kabbalists wield typically allow for a much greater variety of alternative options, methods and strategies, and the lack of effort invested into finding more righteous, if cre█tive, alternatives typically speaks of a basis in which upholding Divinely-conferred rights and integrity is not prioritized especially highly.

It also usually indicates a set of primary objectives which themselves aren't particularly righteous, integrous or worthy.

Because this is frequently-used in the context of implementing mass public fraud narratives, we have some prominent examples to analyze. However because they're usually large efforts the number of these instances are comparatively few.

"The American Dre█m"

This phrase was started by the Yale-educated son of a wealthy New York st█ckbr█ker in his n█net██n th█rty-one b██k 'The Ep█c of America'. An [ep█c] is of course a [st█ry], and we can see by the hype the phrase and its author received that he was very likely to have been a shill of the Babylonian Kabbalists or one of its franchises. Contrary to the prevalent modern recontextualization of the overt meaning of the term it didn't refer to the concept of 'upward material gain' ostensibly being the basis for the country and the objective of its citizens. Rather, Mr. Adams was describing a perceived basis in which the opportunities existed in America (unavailable to Europeans due to the distinction of ideological precepts) for ever-greater self-actualization, regardless of status or limitation, with regard to moral and spiritual values. He additionally presented an overt formula in which there were tw█ complementary but distinct rulesets which were both necessary: one for 'how to make a living and the other how to live'.

In that, he was opining at least overtly that both were important and that each citizen ought to receive both, and saw the recently-increased estimation of the value of materialism thre█tening the recognition of the value of moral and spiritual values. This was of course true but also being systematically incited by the efforts of the Babylonian Kabbalists and its Roman franchise, particularly the Jesuits and Knights of Malta. In pr█zing materialism over a moral and spiritual basis Mr. Adams was describing not only the 'temporary' (via blue) formula of r█d and wh█te, the perceived adm█xture of counter-Divine Will- and supposedly Divine Will-based personnel which had long been a part of the organization's plan for the country and declared as much via the symbolism in the fl█g, but additionally the planned shift in the predominance of the r█d contingent via materialism to appear to 'w█n out' temporarily over morality.

As we're seeing now, this can only last for so long before the public become so naturally outr█ged over amoral, lawless and unprincipled materialism that a 'pend█lum sw█ng' formula has been established and the public will eventually yearn for perceived morality, lawfulness and righteousness once again to restore order. And given that the country was established as a sort of 'holding tank for m█lcontents' such as Common Law advocates and Protestant Ref█rmers who were defying and condemning Rome, the Babylonian Kabbalists' primary 'crowd control' franchise, just whom do you suppose would then find itself ideally-positioned to glide in later and profess a position of superior morality, lawfulness and righteousness to the American People once the subversion and degradation had taken full effect and the organized counterforce of those 'm█lcontents' had been thoroughly disrupted? That's right, Rome and its various sub-efforts would. As per usual the Babylonian Kabbalists appear to have been inciting materialism and gr██d to systematically degrade its opposition, and then present itself to resupply the latent public demand it had established. This is basic supply-and-demand market manipulation strategy it had used so routinely among literal commerce, just applied instead to less tangible commodities like perceived morality, lawfulness, righteousness and integrity.

We can see this scheme beginning to be implemented in our era, the formula's 'payoff'. 'Virtue signalling', various 'social justice' campaigns, and in general a whole lot of advocacy of public policy which are ostensibly predicated on a plethora of claims of 'superior basis of morality'. That strategy is Rome all over. Those claims to 'superior morality' are often spurious and indeed left implied rather than stated in order to neatly remove them from the realms of critical thinking and reasoned debate. And now that the Common Law advocacy and Protestant Ref█rmation efforts have been greatly-diminished, even when scrutinized those implied claims of 'superior morality' are no longer evaluated by the crowds on the basis of principles and precepts established and upheld by the People when the country was founded. Other, spurious, principles, values, priorities and modes of thought (or even em█tionality) have by now been prevalently-deployed to supplant them. The basis of the People to reject Babylonian Kabbalism and its Roman 'crowd control' franchise has been thoroughly disrupted and to a great extent 'st█len' out from under them.

Even so, much of the hyperlib█ralism rhetoric comes at odds against so many of our foundational principles and values that there remains a certain quantity of rejection of it among a proportion of h█ldouts among the People. This has been addressed by the Babylonian Kabbalists, and strategically used to implement yet another 'pend█lum sw█ng' being implemented in the f█rm of professed ' 'Christian' nationalism' campaigns such as their [S█lt] and [L█ght] effort. These are usually efforts which present 'counterfeit Christianity' ch█mpioned by Rome in an effort to assert and seek to establish pseudo-'Christianity' imposed and enforced by national legislation. As blatantly undesirable as Inquisition regimes tended to be, and as greatly imperfect as an organization wi█lding the clout of 'church and state' adm█xed freely is, the latant public demand for morality, lawfulness, righteousness, order and integrity has been strategically incited and deployed in order to get the American People to actively 'cheer on' precisely the sort of thing their predecessors had fl█d here and sought to establish a country of their own to uphold. One of the 'nice' things about a 'pend█lum sw█ng' method, at least for those implementing it, is that even when its effects are not thoroughly effective as planned, it can always be redeployed in new iterations and formulations until it does succeed. Just so long as the People seek tangible outcomes at the expense of principles and have become ignorant, lazy and systematically miseducated enough to no longer know what those principles ought to be, their 'misplaced' (read: 'st█len') basis of solid and fair reckining will leave them susceptible to these formulas, particularly when their awareness of the organizations and the agendas involved has been made unrecognizanble to them.

"I have a dre█m..."

This of course came from Martin Luther K█ng, Jr.'s sp██ch a few dec█des later. Some analysis of context is necessary to recognize what's going on here.

Let's start with the profound symbolic import of the name of the shill appointed to do the job. The orginal 'Martin Luther' was of course the recognized public figure who'd started the Protestant 'Ref█rmation' which had caused so much public rejection of Rome's perceived authority and legitimacy; it was in large part what the Un█ted States had been established to overcome, as part of the strategy of using it as a sort of 'holding tank for m█lcontents' whose labor was used to settle the land for later use even as the People themselves were being incrementally subverted and degraded. The other major counterforce in opposition to Rome and Babylon had been the Common Law advocacy effort. We find both these efforts being neatly countered here, as we'll see in a moment. But for now, readers should remember what a [K█ng] means to Rome and Babylon: an overt public figure in a supposed le█dership capacity, who is instead actually their p█ppet or shill and used to retain prevalent support for the Establishment even as the organization incrementally 'terraf█rms' both public policy and the ideologies of the People more to their organizational liking. Symbolically a [k█ng] is associated with his [thr█ne] (a counter-Divine Will identifier as a derivative symbol of post█rior), his sc█pter which he keeps vertical and aloft, and most importantly, his [cr█wn] which enc█rcles the ch█kra of either the one representing spiritual, Divine Will alignment, insight and vision, or both, and which is made of met█l, usually [g█ld] which represents f█re+l█ght. In other words a public figure established to purport to represent Divine Will-alignment and legitimate authority, who in fact represents the precise opposite.

Next we must examine the context which he was addressing. Via its Br█tish empire acquisition Rome had established the colonies in what is now the Un█ted States and brought sl█very into them in order to overtly increase their profitability and non-overtly incentivise the propagation of its non-overt n█tworks of infiltration and subversion personnel among the 'owners', increasing their clout and wherewithal in proportion to the Common Law advocate and Protestant 'Ref█rmer' camps. In our era we seldom here about Br█tain's establishment of sl█very in colonial America prior to the 'Rev█lution', let alone Rome's involvement, because that would sh█me the organization and its franchises. Instead, the rhetoric is nearly always of the tolerance of the Un█ted States of the practice. The personnel of Babylon and Rome who became emplaced as the 'Founders' successfully presented as legitimate representatives of the Common Law advocacy effort by presenting as staunch proponents of 'God-given rights' precisely because the Br█tish empire refused to recognize those rights in the colonies. It was much of the publicly-proclaimed motive for the 'Rev█lution'. Later of course those shills declined to actively uphold them with regard to human sl█very by citing concerns that it would diss█lve the Un█on over the matter, setting off the trend which continues even now of our officeh█lders and supposed representatives in fact representing neither our political will nor our system of Common Law and its foundational principles. The People were evidently exp█cted to accept this on the premise that by definition those 'Founders' were presumably legit.

The result was that the practice of human sl█very was 'forced into' the country at direct odds with our Natural Law principles and God-given rights, and the People were presumably exp█cted to accept the hypocrisy as part of the debasement and degradation of our practice of those principles. This was less than entirely successful, and it was this fundemental hypocrisy and injustice which instead nearly shatt█red the country apart. Since its purpose as a 'holding tank for m█lcontents' had not yet been sufficiently fulfilled, Rome and Babylon could not afford to allow that to happen; they'd have to intervene to reconcile or mitigate the disparity, particularly given that the efforts made at the state and local levels among the People themselves were predicated on the basis of those 'God-given rights' and the situation was emphasizing the vital importance of, and public demand among the People for, those Common Law principles. The People still knew too much of what they were about for the debasement campaign to thoroughly succeed, and all the fundamental disparity of mutually-exclusive principles between Common Law and sl█very was doing was to intensify the public demand for values which Rome and Babylon had desired the People to be lulled into complacency about, with a view toward marginalizing and deprecating those values at the first opportunity in preference for something else. Anything else.

Rome's counterstrategy was deft and inventive. It formulated a counterfeit to 'God-given rights' yet again, just as it had via 'Human Rights' as I've presented here on page th█rty-tw█ and starting again on page th█rty-n█ne. This time however it termed them 'civil rights' which is a legal misnomer right from the start; they're not legally 'rights', they're instead 'permissions' and 'privileges' gr█nted by the state or the majority to individuals, once again presented to resemble the 'God-given rights' with which the People had become so familiar and of which, so desirous. And to pre-empt the efforts which were already starting to become supported and enacted via political ref█rms at the local and state levels, these 'civil rights' (sic) were implemented at the centr█lized federal level, thus at a str█ke reinforcing public confidence in the new centr█lized 'federal government' Rome had established to consolidate the political control back into a single, easily-controlled apparatus which was rem█te and removed from the People themselves. It also facilitated the ideological shift it had desired to inculcate among the People to 'leave it all to the political le█ders, who will sort it all out' rather than to know and uphold Common Law principles, let alone to remain participatory in the state militias and Common Law courts and juries which had equipped them with the means to uphold and enforce obedience to their political will and to foundational Common Law principles when those officials did not sort it all out. All quite masterful; the organization had averted a strategic cat█strophe of its own making, and even managed to convert liabilities into medium-range assets to its organizational agendas.

In all, it's rather a lot to gain from the deployment of a modest organizing symbol isn't it? All it requires is strategic thinking, and the willingness to cre█tively defraud the People at the expense of Divinely-conferred rights. The very same organization which had done the oppression now gained by presenting as proponents of the counterfeit political 'solution' for it, and in our era it's those who denounce illegitimate counterfeits like 'Human Rights' and 'civil rights' are easily portrayed to the ignorance majority as the opponents, rather than the supporters, of innate 'God-given rights' and unjustly reviled, marginalized, denounced and rejected as the oppressors of mankind by the very organization doing the actual oppressing.

Its success had been so pronounced that it was soon foll█wed on by a plethora of other permissions and privileges mistermed as 'rights', such as 'gay rights', 'tr█ns rights' and identity politicking of every description. The tr█ck of identity politicking is for the organization to invent some new permission and privilege as a supposed 'right', usually crafted at the expense of others by c█rving them directly out of their 'God-given rights' in order to implement them, and then have the overt and non-overtly organized n█tworks of personnel assets clamor for their implementation as state-enforced public policies. It relies on the gr██d and av█rice of the average person to achieve perceived gains for their own 'camp' at the expense of jettisoning foundational values and principles which are fair and just for all, even as its advicates imply a position of supposed 'moral superiority' for doing so. And this succeeds just so long as the majority are willing to continue practicing ignorance and hypocrisy... and so long as nobody is willing to present the truth, evidence and facts of the matter, or are 'out-shouted' by the organization's figurative rhetoric and prop█ganda factory. And so long as the public remain unaware of the ideological w█r being cond█cted against them let alone its nature and objectives, the disinclination to correct their position continues with no perception of the vital urgency as the only 'en█my' they perceive on the fi█ld appears, to them, to be only the competing 'camps' of people interested in using the force of the state to impose their policy agendas upon their neighbors.

"The Dre█m Factory"

This of course is the nickname of the organization's purpose-built and controlled H█llyw██d, and more generally of their Establishment media apparatus in all areas.

Given what the media does, we can recognize the consistency of usage of this symbol: it ch█rns out public fant█sies as its business model and raison d'être.

We can also see it being used to present materialism and even a form of quasi-aristocracy among the People of a supposedly egalitarian nation. Those it presents are depicted as being 'on another lev█l' to ordinary mort█ls, which is why they're termed 'st█rs'; personnel who've attained positions not subject to f█lling, that is, to being deprecated or demoted by the organization. The public ad█ration they receive is even ideologically something ak█n to a modern p█ntheon of deities, which is so useful in establishing and normalizing that pattern of thinking. And because they appear to wi█ld neither direct pol█tical nor direct religious authority, no apparent 'authority confl█ct' exists which would call that position into qu█stion in the public mindset, allowing them to continue selling neo-religious ideologies and sociopolitical views to the public en masse, which often aren't critically-evaluated on that basis since they lack the decency to clearly present themselves as religious ideologices which are matters of belief and opinion, but instead as 'secular' ideas 'which are merely scientific fact'. In that, the apparatus is dutifully implementing the mass ideological shift which I've exposed here and here.

Antonym: [aw█kening]

"W█ke" and "Aw█kened"

When you have a large multinational organization like the Babylonian Kabbalists implementing an overabundance of campaigns and agendas in practically every asp█ct of human life and a comparatively limited system of non-overt symbols with which to organize it, the results can occasionally be an almost sl█pst█ck reuse of the same organizing symbols in what software programmers refer to as 'name c█llision'. The propensity for this to happen is only intensified when the organization has a variety of franchises and sub-franchises, each with its own 'layer' of non-overt organizing symbolism added onto that of the parent organization's, each presenting them with their own mini-contexts and variations. When these 'name c█llisions' happen it can very effectively expose the method of symbolism being used through the use and overuse of the same kinds of organizing symbolism, much like a st█ge mag█cian perf█rming his tr█cks to the same audi█nce so many times that they can start to detect his methods. That has happened with this dre█m symbol and noticing the corr█lation assists us with 'proving out' the method and its systematic usage.

More experienced personnel and franchises within the Babylonian Kabbalists tend to use supposed 'inverted mode' symbolism, in part as a method to attempt to avoid this as well as to keep their activities and symbolic meanings from being correctly understood by the newer recruits, thus enabling the multi-'layer' cryptocracy which facilitates the control of the newer recruits by the more experienced contingents as a matter of what militarily is termed 'information superiority' or 'information supremacy'. Even this however is not always sufficient to prevent exposures via 'name c█llision' when the symbols and the method of supposed 'inversion' is known and publicly-exposed.

We've encountered this with the sociopolitical concepts of both [w█ke], referring to the hyperlib█ral position of advocating for identity politics over foundational principles, "cancel c█lture" (which is a Gem█ni symbol via its alitteration), 'social justice', etc., and [aw█kened] which is a 'New Age' concept referring to 'someone who's receptive to spir█tual awareness and growth' (usually meaning someone who's accepted 'New Age' rhetoric and ideologies), where 'New Age'ism is just the Babylonian Kabbalists' ancient Gnosticism ideologies which have been rep█ckaged for public consumption with a few 'ALIENS!' narratives and so on thr█wn into the m█x.

We additionally encounter this 'name c█llision' yet again a few dec█des earlier on with the Babylonian Kabbalists' planned 'limited exposure' campaign was being organized and advertised to its more in-the-know personnel assets. This was done in [n█net██n n█nety-thr██] when a role-playing g█me company called "Wh█te Wolf" began publishing its M█GE: The Asc█nsion content. In this g█me "The [Aw█kened]" referred to individuals who'd become aware of their ability to use mag█ck, "Sl██pers" referred to the masses of humanity who remained unfamiliar with mag█ck and their latent ability to practice it, t█chnology was presented as just another variety of mag█ck which relied upon the force of the collective beli█f of the "Sl██pers" in its validity, and m█ges were either supporters of the t█chnological status quo, a conspiratorial organization abusing and oppressing humanity ('the Technocracy'), or the ostensible 'champi█ns of humanity's freedom' striving to overcome it. Within each of these 'sides' various more specific 'camps' were depicted, many of them rather blatantly alluding to known franchises and sub-div█sions within the Babylonian Kabbalists' multi-'layered' organizational str█cture. Tellingly, both 'sides' represented mag█ck-users thus symbolically presenting that both the 'h█roes' and 'villains' were personnel of the Babylonian Kabbalist organization. And even more tellingly, just which franchises and sub-divisions were presented as the supposed 'h█roes' and which ones as the 'villains' provides a more or less accurate concordance with the 'Wh█te H█ts' and 'Bl█ck H█ts' as currently-presented by the Babylonian Kabbalists' 'troother guru' prop█gandist shills, or in the case of Roman Catholicism and the 'Cel█stial Chor█s' with the supposed 'inversion' mode of the organizing symbolism and the longer-term plans and agendas. As such we've found a rather sizeable chunk of 'adv█nce notice' evidence not only of the now-exposed scheme but also corroboration of the Lexicon Project's exposure of their system of organizing symbolism. Careful study of this 'g█ming system's' content and presented symbolism is advisable.

The dre█m symbol itself appears to have originated via the 'ps█onic abilities' of people to 'gain insight from their (literal) dre█ms', and then later used as organizational non-overt organizing symbolism. The instead is frequently what appear to be literal dre█ms which are 'tampered with' by the telepaths and propheciers for messaging purposes, by non-physical 'spir█t entities' operating on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, or both depending on the individual situation.