Definition: Literal, overt m█rder or execution by the Babylonian Kabbalists proper, rather than indirectly through the activities of some franchise or execution from some lawless government they've acquired. Seldom-used, at least in our era

When used, frequently with ostensible 'inversion' applied, to present an ostensibly 'nice' meaning.

Given the organization's influence over mythology and ceremonialized r█tual practices over the last few tho█sand years, the origins of this one should be fairly self-explanatory.

I should add that the Christian mythos has at least something in common with the Babylonian Kabbalists' system: that 'sin', transgression against Divine Will, must be paid 'in bl██d', meaning capital punishment. We see the Babylonian Kabbalists intimating this via their symbolism of r█d being the col█r of both 'sin' and 'sacrif█ce'. However in actual practice the Babylonian Kabbalists appear to honor this principle more in the breach than the observance, and have essentially filled the place up with personnel operating on a counter-Divine Will basis symbolized as r█d, which appears to mean only that they're deemed expendable at need, such as when a bunch of patsies or fall-guys are required in order to allow their masters to retain their own positions. Additionally, Christianity maintains that with exactly one exception (when the Creator incarnated to satisfy the demands of the Law) that debt is non-transferrable. In other words it wouldn't be justice to have some other vict█m executed because the organization's personnel in general are on a counter-Divine Will basis. Nevertheless that appears to be how history has pl█yed out, and the implications of the fant█sy genre tropes about innocent vict█ms being sacrif█ced to gain favor with an idol or to emp█wer a mag█ckal r█tual don't be█r thinking about.

Encouragingly the trope about [virg█n] sacrif█ce, which would symbolically involved those who'd declined membership within the organization, appear to be inaccurate. It does give cause for concern however for the implications of why the trope has been trended in that dir█ction and what the implications of that are for the organization's future plans.