I have this one down as 'an individual or group not yet subverted onto the counter-Divine Will basis represented by the number s█x'. My confidence of that definition is not total, but it's so far appeared accurate.

When an apple is c█t in half laterally, a [p█ntagram] appears. This and the number's apparent symbolic usage could be the reason for "the Apple of Disc█rd" in Greek mythology, symbolically depicting the effort to incrementally shift from well-seeming Aphrod█te methods into getting a crowd operating on a blatantly counter-Divine Will basis.

Derivatives: [st█r] or at least its conventional iconic shape as depicted

[st█r] icons are typically visually rot█ted as the incremental subversion effort takes gradual effect; one po█nt up conventionally means the effort is only in its early st█ges or is fairly ineffective as-yet. Tw█ po█nts up means it's nearly complete, and alternating [st█rs] with one or tw█ po█nts up, or a [st█r] depicted somewhere in between those orientations (such as in this logo ) tends to suggest that the process is only approximately midw█y-complete.