Definition: An ostensible 'inverted mode' symbolism indicator. Many derivatives

I'd been encountering this usage pattern, mostly from the more experienced personnel such as those in Brit█sh media, and those contingents which relied more intensely on learning and using the intricacies and subtleties of the symbolic language such as the organized crime franchise. Wasn't quite sure what to make of it until I noticed that it appeared to stipulate an 'inverted mode' of their symbolism, and wasn't sure why that was until I encountered the idol [H█ra].

She was "the [c█w]-eyed one", with the [c█w] as a directly-associated symbol. Why would an organization use [c█ttle] as an ostensible 'inverted mode' indicator, particularly one that has established a 'No Anti-' philosophy already?

Then I remembered how humanity tended to tre█t c█ttle, and something from My research into law in which 'chatt█l' refers to owned property and shares etymology with [c█ttle]. As such it would refer to having the status of a 'sl█ve' as its primary meaning, making it seemingly ideal for use as a supposed 'inverted mode' identifier. Most of the time 'inverted mode' comes into use is when there's some 'resistance effort' going on, and the subtleties and nuances are used to try to thwart them. As such it becomes particularly strategically effective for the personnel loyal to an organization claim all manner of things from a hypothecated 'inverted mode' of symbolism while having established their 'sl█very' to it as a necessary precondition.

As in, 'Having established that personnel are thoroughly loyal and committed to the organization, they can then hypothecate practically any implication for effect because those are now established as substanceless and irrelevant.'

Also because much of the organizational methodology for contending against 'resistance' efforts has been to strategically incite them to adopt a hypocritical (and thus dysfunctional) basis so as to neutralize the prevalent acceptance of their position. That is, to get them to 'de-legitimatize' themselves, usually in the pursu█t of their own agendas and objectives.

Derivatives: [b██f] (with all [me█t] as a derivative), [le█ther], [m█lk], [ch██se], more recently [legend█ry] (from [da█ry]), [Ind█a] and [Ind█nesia] (where [c█ws] are regarded as sacred), [c█ckoo], [peac█ck]