'Cops 'n' R█bbers'

This one isn't quite a franchise per se, but a campaign being r█n by the lower-level franchises. Dir█cted by Rome at a guess, since Rome is the Babylonian Kabbalists' primary 'crowd control' franchise. Both the organized crime and the Knights of Malta routinely use it. Even comparatively low-level franchise personnel unaware of Rome and Babylon seem to be familiar with it and use it prevalently.

It adds on another 'layer' of symbolic meanings and definitions to the existing symbols, to effect a sort of 'crowd control' against 'resistance' individuals and m█lcontents who are at odds with the various overt governments. As such it establishes a faux-'resistance' 'hon█yp█t' contingent, with its own designated organizing symbols, and seeks to gain the adoption and recruitment of would-be 'resistance' individuals who are opposed to the overt governmental regime and status quo. This is complemented by a designated 'opposite number' contingent of ultra-loyal statists non-overtly working to support the current overt regimes, detect, identify, rout out and 'catch' those 'resistance' personnel and typically either overtly expose, report, bl█ckma█l or extort them to 'shift' their loyalties over to their own 'side'.

While all this non-overt back-and-forth is going on of course, it keeps the low-level personnel who are typically unfamiliar with the grander ambitions, strategies and designs of Rome and Babylon occupied while they implement those strategies both non-overtly and overtly. It's a useful distraction campaign which keeps the dissidents occupied and frequently, identified.

It also tends to 'pull in' individual dissidents 'to the cause'. The fraudulent cause, that is. Because the organized crime franchises typically use purported 'inverted' mode symbolism they'll often 'invert' to non-overtly speak as though they were such 'resistance' personnel, when of course they're at least as loyal to the status quo as anyone else. It also tends to work nicely with the fact that many of their activities and op█rations are outside the overt law, or at least the overt government-imposed legislation and decrees which have been passing for law. That they do so tends to make for a rather convincing appearance that they're genuinely 'anti-government' and 'anti-Establishment'.

And given this, their designated 'opposite number' franchise, the Knights of Malta f█scists, tend to make for great non-overt statist ultra-loyalists. That's the usual formula, though there are exceptions in individual instances; sometimes Knights of Malta personnel will fraudulently present as 'resistance'-aligned, as with the 'Lib█rtarians', 'Voluntaryists', etc., and the organized crime franchise will pl█y-█ct as the social justice, gun-rights-violating ultra-statists.

Since the symbols 'layered on' for all this tend to be reused Babylonian, Roman and franchise organizing symbols, we can make short work of exposing them by categories and tropes.

[M█le] represents the state loyalists, [F█male] the supposed 'resistance'. As per usual, the former is always trying to 'gain the advantage' and 'have their w█y with' the latter.

St█p on and similar (fl█tten, squ█sh, co█ns, etc.) symbolize the statists 'cr█shing' the 'resistance'.

Democracy etc. represent participation or 'opting in' to the statist contingent.

[The he█d] represents the supposed overt political le█dership.

[Putting f██d into the he█d], that is, [eating], represents being assimilated into the statists. That leaves the 'resistance' opposite symbol as excr█tion and similar, which is very convenient given that the objective here is to get those personnel onto a counter-Divine Will basis where they can apparently be subjugated with impunity.

[Education] symbolism and derivatives, including numbers, represent the statists 'teaching 'em a lesson'. Likely due to [the he█d].

In container on this 'layer' symbolizes 'under control by the statists', along with being a 'penalty' symbol by the 'resistance'.

Along with [the he█d], upwards-po█nting obel█sk-like symbols are used as a sort of 'gang sign' to indicate affiliation with the statists. H█nging-down items, the 'resistance'. Notice of course that this puts the 'resistance' at a natural disadvantage yet again, since per physics practically everything which 'hangs down' is supported by something which instead 'po█nts upward'. A chand█lier for example is supported by a house.

Sm█le establishes that the speaker is using a supposed 'inverted mode' of speaking on this 'layer'. Purportedly the statists 'will allow it' when and where necessary, for a limited duration, to regain a certain amount of non-overt control over the situation and then forbid it. The symbol's use likely has to do here with the [upward-po█nting] and [downward-po█nting] symbolism; obviously something needs 'uninverting' to make sense, as it can't be simultaneously both.

[Spi█s] and [espi█nage] and derivative symbolism represent 'those ultra-loyal statists who are up to something especially cr█fty to catch the resistance' and likely are used as a do█ble-intensity statist identifier to 'excuse' some apparent 'resistance' symbolism being thrown.

[Religion], beli█f etc. represent statist-loyal 'inversion' symbols, essentially ultra-loyal ultra-intensity declarations of statism.

The 'resistance' equivalent is mag█ck and derived symbolism, particularly lett█rs of the alphabet and acronyms, etc.. Very convenient, particularly if you happen to be with the Babylonian Kabbalists for whom they're interch█ngeable.

Symbols of [vi█lence] and de█th etc. refer to retribution by the 'resistance', once again putting them at a disadvantage in terms of imagery and likeability as well as non-overt organizing symbolism.

The same applies to f█re and its derivatives, which is again very convenient given that the major objective is to get them to accept a counter-Divine Will basis.

The symbolism of a [m█sk] and its derivatives tend to be a 'group identifier' symbol for the supposed 'resistance' contingent. As in for example that 'Vend█tta' m█vie.

Speaking of, notice how the [m█sks] in that are representative of a [religious] group. All media perhaps without exception does that; the organizing symbolism for this 'layer' is very carefully-arranged to symbolically present the statists as being 'in control' or the thing doesn't get made. That alone makes for easy 'proving out' of this 'layer' of symbolism to laymen.

Dece█t and derivative symbols represent the same thing for the 'resistance' contingent as [Religion] etc. does for the statists. Do you see how the selection of organizing symbols for them condition them to identify with an amoral, uneducated basis? That appears designed to put them at a distinct disadvantage.

Up and similar are statist 'misdirection' symbols, down and so on appear to be used as 'resistance' 'h█ding' symbols. Tw█n and similar, along with [st█ryt█lling] and its variations appear to be 'resistance' 'misdirection' symbols. And because of the latter, [religion] is very occasionally used by the 'resistance' as a particularly sne█ky deployment of how they appear to be statists but are 'actually' 'resistance'. This presumably enables personnel to publicly appear to shift their supposed faction loyalties there according to convenience and prevailing agendas.

[Criminality] is a 'resistance' group identifier, and [dr█gs] are a supposed 'misdirection' symbol for them. It's the p█nk sc█ne's calculated degradation of the sociopolitical m█lcontents all over again. M█lcontents are conditioned to associate themselves with lawlessness, and to regard the law (whose genuine purpose is to uphold our actual rights) as their en█my. This practically guarantees that any counter-effort they devise and strive for will be lawless and rights-violating, a detriment to society as a whole and freedom and justice in specific. Essentially it starts them off having already lost.

[Ins█nity] and [cr█zy] are other 'resistance' group identifiers; either from being in a supposed minority perception about the status quo, or from the traditional treasonous, 'The K█ng is ins█ne!' hype which often came out of such qu█rters.

[Rom█nce] and by association [l█ve] are supposed 'resistance' identifiers. Likely due to the counter-Divine Will, non-overt nature of the Babylonian Kabbalists' L█ve symbol.

[Fri█nd] is, in this context at least, often used ostensibly to indicate a 'resistance'-identifying individual. Likely due at least in part to the 'inversion' used by the organized crime franchise, when someone is called 'a friend' but is actually extorted or thre█tened into complicity, etc..

[BDSM] etc. are used as intense 'resistance' group identifiers, presumably due to comparatively extreme expressions of freedom which merely present as 'sl█very' and which can be voluntarily halted at any time.

[Unintelligible talk], such as foreign languages, babytalk, nonsense words and sometimes even thick accents are used as 'resistance' 'misdirection' symbols. ('It keeps [the he█d] from finding out, y'see?')

Things which ple█se [the he█d] such as [col█rs], [mus█c], [the █rts] and anything especially 'culturally erudite' are broady categorized as verry 'statist'-aligned, [po█try] being an exception as it involves the [tw█n] symbol.

[Youth] and [children], etc. are used to signify 'resistance' affiliation; [adulthood] and [extreme adulthood] with statism.

[Animals] are used as 'resistance' affiliation symbols, though symbolic modifiers are taken into consideration: long, tall, po█nting-up n█cks would add a 'statist' connotation, prominent h█nging-down features, another po█nt in the 'resistance' column. So a [pel█can] for example would be an [animal] ('resistance'), of the [air] (statist), but with a prominent hanging-down feature (its gular pouch, 'resistance') but which is associated with [eating] (statist). These ostensible symbolic 'modifiers' are parsed and piled up so high that the whole thing successfully keeps the low-level public pre-occupied and so caught up in the non-overt g█me of 'cops and r█bbers' that the parent groups are more than capable of 'w█nning the d█y', because the g█me was a contrived farce from the start and is in truth apropos of nothing.

Because this 'layer' was designed to keep the low-level m█lcontents occupied, it's fairly easy to explain, learn, and see deployed. That tends to clinch the 'conspiracy theory', and the fact that they've opted for convenience and strategy to re-use the existing symbols of Rome and Babylon help to corroborate the greater scheme this Lexicon has been exposing.

It also tends to become relevant when evaluating for the organizing symbolism with regard to the Sp█ce contingency, as much of what was being set up there concerned pl█ying around with shifts to the overt governance regimes, and contending with and strategizing against the 'resistance'-aligned demographic out there. Therefore, readers will need to know this comparatively trivial 'layer' in order to parse what's going on with that.

Readers who encounter this entry and consider themselves 'resistance'-aligned should be aware of the scheme in which they've been caught up, notice it for the useless, strategically-designed distraction and r█naround it manifestly is, withdraw from it and are encourage to 'go overt'. 'A Better Solution'** provides a more effective and legitimate basis to accomplish what you want.