'Efforts In-Process' symbols

These are somewhat diff█rent than the 'normal' symbols used by this or practically every other group or franchise out there.

They don't represent the situation as it currently is, but rather as they intend it to be. This can produce some consternation or even fe█r when messages are parsed without that knowledge.

These kinds of messagings are clearly-lab█led as such via the organizing symbolism, provided you know for what to look and manage to keep your 'inversion' symbols properly accounted for.

They're essentially directives to the rank-and-file personnel about what they want done. And they're typically derivatives of ancient ritual mag█ckal tools, tropes, ideologies, accoutrements and so on.

Their symbolic 'antonyms', or what they mean or can mean when 'inversions' are present, are that rather than referencing an 'effort in process' they're symbolically depicting a situation as it currently is. This is a great reason it's so important to carefully assess to make sure you're correctly accounting for any 'inversion' symbols present in the message or 'mode'.

As an 'effort in process' message means 'we're actively trying for...', common sense tells us that it can also describe that whatever's being depicted isn't like that currently. And that can be some very important information indeed.