The [Sp█ce] 'contingency'

In the absence of an internally-recognized veto through the organization's designated Hor█s Choosing to align with an uphold a superior basis of Divine Will and True Nature, it apparently shifts its focus to matters more temporal: the continuation of its plans for empire and w█rld domination. This is that 'contingency', already in-process by default but with its finalizing masterstr█kes not irrevocably implemented.

With the organization's infiltration, subversion, conquest and usurpation campaigns all but completed its emphasis isn't on expansion, but rather on consolidation. Getting rid of loose ends and now-superfluous franchises, imposing and enforcing more intensive new stand█rds for personnel obedience, establishing next-iteration public narratives and replacing the now-subverted and -co-opted 'Old W█rld Order', termed by some analysts 'The Interim W█rld Order', with their intended 'New' one. That of course requires in part both selling it and making it, in their own wording, 'sustainable'.

Here's an overview summary of their demonstrated objectives for that, and then we can get into more detail.