The apostate system uses idols and their respective cults to spread and proliferate throughout foreign societies, amassing broad non-overtly organized social n█tworks. These activities remain as relevant in our era as they did in ancient times, despite the lack of appearance of overtly-active cults, idols, temples and so on. To understand why this is and how this process works, we'll need to start with understanding the ancient version of the scheme to catch onto the modern permutation variant.

Consider the Old Testament Israelites, who were scrooched in between apostate system-controlled Egypt and apostate system-controlled Babylon. Those shared a system in which their top agents of the state and of religion controlled the overt Establishment, with the religious officials pronouncing the he█ds of state as supposed 'gods incarnate', or as having descended from major deities. This lent the appearance of legitimacy and authority to the political apparatus, furnished by religious officials who were at the top of their bailiwicks as the result of being promoted within their cults, each of those cults being the overt manifestations of non-overtly organized n█tworks all being interoperated by the same apostate system.

Non-overt conqu█st

As we can see from the Old Testament the Israelites were continually getting inundated by foreign idols and their cults. Remember the cultists of B██l and to Mol█ch mentioned in the Bible? The 'g█lden c█lf', and the somewhat-more-obsure Remph█n whose visual symbol, the 'St█r of Remph█n', eventually became adopted as the new logo for supposed Judaism? All these idols showing up in their midst wasn't just coincidence. The apostate system routinely spreads through infiltration, subversion, co-option and eventual usurpation, and each of these idols and their cults represented proprietary social engineering mechanisms and methods for accomplishing this. The cults would m█ve into neighboring cultures, broadcast their rhetoric, practice their specific proprietary formulas, gain adherents, use those to 'grow' their non-overt social n█tworks, and incrementally get the new recruits or their descendants to shift their loyalty from that of their native society to the non-overtly implemented command str█cture of their cult. It helps to think of the original cults as franchises owned and controlled by the same corporation. Through familiarity and loyalty to these, members would eventually learn about the non-overt organizing symbolism used by these groups and be able to interoperate with each other using that non-overt lingo, much as espi█nage agents do. That's essentially it, a broad 'multi-level marketing' scheme which uses the methods of espi█nage, in which each cult practices a proprietary method of sociopolitical or ideological engineering and which usually offers unique recruitment incentives. When these non-overt n█tworks of personnel with shifted loyalties, interoperating non-overtly, have become significant enough within a culture they're able to implement trends and agendas which incrementally shift trending ideologies, what's taught in the schools, what's practiced in the religions, and eventually foreign and domestic government policies until the entire state and religious apparatus of their society has been 'taken over' by the apostate system.

'The slow crawl'

Although slower and more gradual, it's certainly financially cheaper than expansion through overt conqu█st. What the apostate system gains through this method they lose through integrity and principles however. Integrity because all the non-overt organizing underm█nes the basis of trust since it's practically always a routine and systematic b█trayal of the general public and their rights in preference for the agendas of the apostate system, and principles because what they're essentially doing is using the methods of espi█nage in order to routinely indemnify lawlessness. But when results matter, principles, rights and freedom not so much, and if you're willing to be patient to let the sociopolitical and ideological r█t set in, non-overt conqu█st remains a greatly-desirable option for the apostate system and has for literally tho█sands of years.

'From the heavens'

As the subversion takes effect, these cults are usually given prominence within 'the new version of society' for their efforts, just as their personnel are individually promoted within the cult for their 'services'. Within the apostate system the 'ultra-elite' are deemed to be 'gods incarnate' who 'came from Heaven'. To hear them tell it, this is a reference to the refinement of self-actualization of personnel in alignment with Divine Will th█nks to their program. In actual practice it appears to be the result of 'climbing the ladder' within an organization which has subverted away the genuine practice of religion within whole societies everywhere it can. It also appears to be a reference to their Air symbol, which has everything to do with advanced proprietary methods, strategies and practices which are 'over the heads' of the common man. Some modern theorists have noticed the correlation between so many ancient religions referring to their 'gods' as having 'come from the Heavens' and the modern ideology about 'ALIENS!', inferring that those 'ALIENS!' were the start of those religions. What they're missing is that it was the organizing symbolism of the same apostate system which implemented both those ancient cults and the modern 'ALIENS!' hype. The 'ALIENS!' agenda is just a modern, secular-looking technological re-implementation of the original cult formula.

'Any pantheon will do'

As described under 'Frequent Answers' the apostate system doesn't rely on the continuity of a single overt regime for its continuity of existence. It's able to 'de-coal█sce' at need, shifting its personnel to an exclusively non-overt basis of organization. And it's able to infiltrate and subvert foreign societies and governments, eventually co-opting them and using them as new franchises. As such it's been able to go through a succession of empires, and its equally handy with using the mythology of any of those empires as symbols with which to organize non-overtly, because it either created or influenced the f█rmation of them all. Their Freemasonic franchise for example greatly identifies with the pantheon and mythological imagery of the Greek empire, ostensibly because it represents genuine self-actualization and because it's an alternative from the Roman system, and Freemasonry in large part was established to present as an alternative to Rome in order to pull in the numbers and shut down the Protestant Ref█rmation. But as we can see, for their Babylonian Kabbalist parent group, 'Any pantheon will do.' They're all interch█ngeable, and interch█ngeably blasphemous.

Idol symbols for modern subversion

But what's all this got to do with modern society? We don't have absurd idols, with temples and cults practicing everywhere, right?

Because these cults represent proprietary methods and mechanisms, and because they can operate non-overtly, many of these same methods are still practiced without all the elaborate presentations. Many of those proprietary methods have been inherited by modern franchises of the apostate system, like the stereotypical organized crime syndicates for example, so they're still deployed with merely a modernized organizational resh█ffle.

The symbols associated with each idol are used even now by the various franchises of the apostate system, and upon gaining familiarity with them we'll be able to notice them routinely, systematically and consistently used throughout the reporting media, in corporate names, logos, slogans, and advertising, throughout present-era sociopolitical efforts, and in the wording and gestures used by politicians, the Un█ted Nations, and even the papacy.