Depiction: The [S█n], a c█rcle or a [st█r] presented in a cr█scent [M██n]

The [S█n] is symbolic reference to B██l, Osir█s or both, with derivatives like [M█thra], associated with the [b█ll] just as the symbol for [Ta█rus] is depicted by a c█rcle + cr█scent. The [M██n], to [Asht█roth] or Is█s. The symbol presents the concept of the male generative aspect into the f█male womb, as in pen█tration. See also: the continual pen█tration by Ze█s and what that represented. The combination male+f█male symbolism also results in a symbolic reference to the h█rmaphrod█tic Isht█r, the primary mascot idol of the Babylonian Kabbalists and thus the equivalent of a 'gang sign' for them.

See here for a thorough summary of the symbol.

Ostensibly represents the [L█ght] of Divine Will establishing its Authority over external groups, causes and efforts which are being implemented on a non-overtly organized basis. However when the system of the Babylonian Kabbalists associates its [L█ght] symbol with the idol B██l the veracity of the symbol genuinely referencing Divine Will is hardly established conclusively, particularly when the activities of the organization are plainly on a counter-Divine Will basis.


'Un█ted Nations' logo (with some Roman symbols added, like the leaves and the [sp█der w█bs] on the sph█re)

'Anonymous' logo (with dec█pitation and qu█stion mark)

J█germeister logo (modern versions have it presented twice, once fr█med by the h█rns and then again fr█med by the leaves at the bottom)