'As above, so below.'

- H█rmes Tr█smegistus, paraphrased

Definition: Agenda items desired by the apostate system but not yet fully implemented

Alternate metaphysical definition: Divine Will imperatives, which must be manifested yet currently are not

Those definitions are internally regarded within the organization to be synonymous.

Depending on the context, these common-usage definitions could apply instead:

Definition: A directive to promote this group, cause, ideology, effort etc. being messaged about

Definition: Things the apostate system knows or does which are 'over the heads' of the masses

Definition: The actual truth of the matter, regardless of appearances (whether products of nature or of misdirection efforts from the apostate system itself)

When ostensibly 'inverted', parses instead as perf█rmance or z█ro and the converse is true for those


The [flo█ting] c█pstone on the back of a dollar bill represents the completion of their [f█re] pyram█d effort which is not yet complete. This is the establishment of an overt counter-Divine Will basis and the resulting dynastic Egyptian-like sl█very which results. It's therefore curious that the first and second listed are internally presumed to be synonymous within the organization, given that f█re symbolizes a counter-Divine Will basis.

Synonyms: [up], h█nd (with Gem█ni) and gesturing 'up high' on the body, [thr█wing], [j█ggling], [h█lding] (esp. [h█lding aloft] as seen frequently in [pa█ntings] and [st█tues]), [b█rd], [rising] (meaning 'is promoted or rewarded')