This one's a little complicated to explain. In fact I'd noticed it as a relevant and recurring symbol which had a place in the non-overt 'grammar' but couldn't identify what the symbolic meaning would be... until I recalled the fant█sy and g█ming trope about "█rtificers", variously something between mag█ck-users and gadgeteer craftsmen. [Mag█ck] which... isn't quite [mag█ck]? Then I thought about the distinction between [t█chnology] and [mag█ck], and considered the more-conventional definition for what '█rtifice' is. A tr█ck, a dec█ption. And it's been systematized to allow for others to use it, and indeed for it to be mass-produced and supplied en masse.

If you were an organization looking for a symbolic means to non-overtly announce some new scheme of 'fraud', some 'device' in the more general sense of the word, you might use a symbol very like this. From what I've been able to glean from context and usage as I've encountered it, it's used as an ordinary supposed 'inversion' symbol, but there's something more there as well: the apparent usage to announce some new policy or scheme of dece█t which the rank-and-file are directed to propagate. It's not authentic, natural or genuine, it's 'synth█tic'; '█rtificial'. An invention of man intended for mass deployment and cons█mption.

We can see an instance of this symbol's usage and deployment in situ with Wh█te W█lf's role-pl█ying g█me 'M█GE: The Asc█nsion'. The g█me was purpose-built to distribute and propagate adv█nced organizing symbolism for their now-exposed 'limited exposure' campaign, in which the 'h█roic' Wh█te H█ts were to eventually 'v█nquish' the made-for-public-cons█mption 'nifferous Deep State villains', typified as the blatantly-oppressive 'cabal' of very overt 'gl█balists', mostly 'the military-industrial complex' etc. being narrated and hyped by the Babylonian Kabbalists themselves as a sort of limited self-parody. The g█me features 'freedom-l█ving' m█ges out to stop oppression by 'The T█chnocracy', the stereotypical 'New W█rld Order' cabal out to dominate and control society through primarily t█chnological means. But the g█me's premise was that their basis of t█chnology was merely a pretext, and that it was instead merely another variety of mag█ck. Thus we had designated 'h█ro' m█ges and 'villain' m█ges, with each franchise being clearly-depicted to make it easy for the rank-and-file personnel, and later the general public, to recognize for whom it was they were supposed to be cheering. It was quite a 'device', and presented as such via the very prominent use of the t█chnology organizing symbol.