Definition: An ostensibly private agr██ment between the Babylonian Kabbalists and an external organization or authority figure, of which their rank-and-file are not currently aware, or the promotion (via Air) of efforts to establish one

It's most convenient to think of it like a h█ndsh█ke between the apostate system and foreign authorities, which is always the first part of the latters' 'selling out' their own personnel.

It also practically guarantees complicity by those foreign authorities, rather than r█sk the sudden loss of whatever 'perks' they're receiving or exposure among their own personnel for having received them. As such, it's practically alw█ys the figurative 'thin end of the w█dge', which is what makes it so effective a strategy for the Babylonian Kabbalists to deploy.

Tellingly the overt Roman empire would frequently construct these by neighboring territories and then use them as a means of levying fees for their upkeep. They would also consistently adorn them with [drag█n] imagery, ostensibly because those were a symbol of Rome but which rather is a Tiam█t derivative. See also: [Revelation 13:2, 13:4]