Definition: Something of supposed value being proffered non-overtly, either as a recruitment enticement or as some information or disinformation calculated to influence someones' thinking and basis

This one's fairly easy; it's the l█quid and therefore non-overt equivalent of their f██d symbol.

[H█t] dr█nks additionally add in f█re; hence the Brit█sh fascination with [te█] and the American equivalent with [c█ffee].

[Alc█holic] dr█nks generally purport to represent misdirection efforts by supposed 'resistance' members, but this is instead merely a non-overt alibi for the Babylonian Kabbalists to deploy the dr█nk symbol to bring them under control. The symbolic nomenclature supposedly used by the 'resistance' efforts was of course propagated and very likely designed by the Babylonian Kabbalists.