The col█r of F█re, indicating either a counter-Divine Will basis, w█rfare, or both.

Sometimes used to desigate an outsider group etc. as being on both, hence the overt association of Protestantism with Or█nge. This is ostensibly due to their observance of S█nd█y as a d█y of the Sabbath, which is a Roman counterfeit loyalty symbol, rather than Sat█rd█y, the d█y of the Sabbath as presented in the Bible. As such this provided Rome with what it deemed sufficient evidence to categorize Protestantism as a non-overtly organized 'resistance effort' attempting to pass itself off as loyal to Rome when in practice it was not. That categorization is tantamount to overt 'resistance f█ghters' refusing to abide by 'the rules of w█r' by not we█ring clearly-identifiable un█forms explicitly announcing their allegiances, and it declares that by doing so the effort involved does not seek to legitimately oppose the apostate system on valid Divine Will grounds but merely through sne█ky non-overt methods, force, or both.

As such the apostate system is able to sufficiently justify to its own personnel countering their efforts with more or less total impunity, whether that's infiltration and subversion, or through outright extirpation. Its ceasing of efforts to do the latter appears to be merely temporary, owing merely to the logistical impracticality of extirpating such a large and widely-established ideology through brute force, which it found untenable when it via the Roman Empire attempted to implement the same formula in the Middle E█st to suppress Christianity when it was spreading among the People throughout in-the-home churches in Jesus' immediate w█ke.