This one's fairly easy. It appears to derive from ancient mag█ckal r█tuals in which the practitioners would place themselves at the periphery of the [c█rcle] and d█nce cl█ckwise ('d█osil' or "S█n-wise") or countercl█ckwise ('widdershins', literally 'against the w█y' or rather, 'opposite the usual w█y', keeping the object always on the l█ft).

As usual with mag█ck thinking whether r█tualwork, mantras or ros█ries, to repeat a thing enough is eventually supposed to 'manifest' it by an accumulation of your own force of will. That is, the ego, the misperception of self, the char█cature people have of their own True Nature and True Will, absent Divine Will. This is why for example a great proportion of long-practicing occ█ltists tend to have a pronounced arrog█nce problem; their ideology systematically 'incentivizes' it, whatever is actually producing the results. This adds cause for concern that the magickal thinking trope is just a veh█cle purpose-built to promote deliberately counter-Divine Will agendas.

Regardless the r█tual procedure has been abstracted into non-overt organizing symbolism, with all manner of [rot█tion] being used as an 'effort-in-process' symbol. Various rot█tion-derived terms have been trended throughout the reporting media of at least the Engl█sh-speaking countries precisely because they make for convenient-use symbolism to deploy this symbol, and those deployments anyone (once they're familiarized with Babylonian Kabbalist organizing symbolism) can see presents coherent directives and messaging conforming to the 'right' symbolic grammar to distinguish them from mere coincidental usage.

As for cl█ckwise and counter-cl█ckwise, the prevalent organizing symbolism tends not to make that distinction; rot█tion is rot█tion, an 'effort-in-process' symbol with the direction apparently irrelevant. It's the accompanying organizing symbolism which defines what effort, specifically, is 'in process'. Could be up, to promote something. Could be down, to suppress it. Usually it's some more nuanced scheme which has been described both in that specific n█ws item and in recent events, and Babylonian Kabbalist rank-and-file typically keep 't█ned in' to the non-overt organizing symbolism to keep curr█nt on the new directives, or they're not going to remain competitive versus the other personnel and find themselves at a disadvantage. We must be at least as alert to the activities of the Babylonian Kabbalists if we're going to recognize the strategies and expose them to restore our freedom. Of course we have an advantage: the Babylonian Kabbalists can't 'go fully overt' yet, while we can overtly expose their activities, and those doing them, once they become known.

Derivatives: [sp█n], [Engl█sh] (as in, 'to put Engl█sh on a b█ll'), [f█ld], [k█y] (with met█l, m█le and stra█ght l█ne)