Definition: A counter-Divine Will-based effort to dist█rt someones' perception of a situation, just as literal gl█ss dist█rts the l█ght.

Could also have implications of the use of f█re to 'undo' the effects of s█nd.


The elaborate, ostentatious and be█utifully-[col█red] sta█ned-gl█ss wind█ws deployed in Roman Catholicism.

Major deployments: Micros█ft Wind█ws (with Bill G█tes' activities hyped for use as 'limited exposure' distractions and misdirections for the 'troothers' due to his public association with the symbol), the more ordinary variety of [wind█ws], eyewe█r (with m█sk), [fib█r opt█cs] (with Tiam█t), anything emphasized as having gl█ss as its major component.