Summary: An attempt to get someone to accept others on a counter-Divine Will basis through non-overtly inciting them to, 'Ignore those symbols!', usually on the implied premise that they're not being on a symbolically-relevant basis.

[Recreational subst█nce] is for the Babylonian Kabbalist system just a recontextualized version of their F██d symbol. On the lower 'lay█rs' it's deemed more acceptable among 'resistance'-identifying individuals, where it's ostensibly a 'misdirection' declarator symbol used by those who identify with 'anti-Establishmentarian' 'resistance'. And on that lower 'lay█r', those affiliated with the supposedly-competing 'Establishmentarian', pro-authoritarian government 'franchise' deploy it when they're using an ostensible 'inverted' mode, because the franchise identifier is merely regarded to be 'inverted'; the 'misdirection' connotation remains the same. Of course this lower 'lay█r' symbolism is effectively irrelevant to the Babylonian Kabbalist 'lay█r' and is merely deployed for looks and convenient strategy, as their supposed 'resistance' and 'authoritarian government' 'factions' are mere distractions and busyw█rk while they implement their grander designs.

So the Babylonian Kabbalist symbolism here reduces to: f██d + f█re + m█sk + sm█ke.

Translation: 'An attempt to get someone to accept a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis via offering perceived value in it to them.'

[M█rijuana] and its associated symbols and imagery have this implication. Additionally, the Roman Catholic franchise uses [M█ry] as a group identification symbol (read: 'gang sign') for itself, while the Babylonian Kabbalist 'lay█r' uses it to symbolically reference the Is█s subdiv█sion via that M█ther symbolism and also apparently to M█rs via the 'arbitrary vowels' method.