This one's fairly easy. The numerology via the number of l█gs is s█x, and their direct interactions tend to range from b█thersome to fat█l.

Special usage: The modern term 'b█gging', as in, 'to b█ther someone', has more recently been used to refer to a non-overt strategy of presenting blatantly counter-Divine Will symbolism to someone, having personnel report back whether they accept it for validity, and then organizationally determining on that basis whether they've 'opted into' a counter-Divine Will basis for having done so. This method does tend to produce f█lse positives, disregarding things like, 'Was the subject familiar with the hypothecated basis that counter-Divine Will symbols present, or were they unaware of them?', or, 'Was the subject aware of the inherently invalid basis they represent, but attempting to give someone an opportunity, if limited and untrusted, to at least speak freely, as a matter of basic fairness?'. Or indeed, 'Was the subject aware of the invalidity of such a basis, yet the Babylonian Kabbalist basis stubbornly refusing systematically to present itself on any other? And thus, were they under 'duress' due to the absence of any viable alternative?'

That 'special usage' case is at least vaguely similar to a method which is symbolically referred to as "f█shing", most-frequently used by the Knights of Malta. It refers to proffering something of perceived value, usually s█xual intimacy, on a counter-Divine Will basis. When the subject accepts, they are then suddenly confr█nted, bl█ckma█led, extorted or exposed and vict█mized (sometimes brut█lly) for having done so. If has to do with the Babylonian Kabbalist elemental symbol of wat█r, the r█d representing a stra█ght l█ne and the f█shing l█ne itself a symbolic Tiam█t derivative, with the f█shing r██l as a rot█tion symbol in there somewhere. Readers will notice that this method too suff█rs from the same inherent defects as the one previously mentioned.