Another 'early-st█ge' implementation of an incremental campaign (as described in the entry on F██l), this formula relies on essentially the same, 'C'mon, it's just a [j█ke]!' method. It's just a [g█me], it seemingly has nothing to do with anything. Except here, it can also be used to propagate adv█nced organizing symbolism the rank-and-file personnel will need to know in order to implement the thing. Additionally, it can also be used to get relevant concepts and ideas trending and started normalizing.

Even modern video [g█mes] do this, and I'm not only referring to the rather disturbing trend among 'free games for your smartph█ne' which have been hyping concepts like feudalism recently. The recurring tropes and items in video [g█mes] throughout their existence are thick with Babylonian Kabbalist symbolism: po█nts, collecting co█ns, g█ms (earth + f█re), k█ys, and of course the early industry-stand█rd trope of, "You d█e thr██ times and the g█me is over". This has to do with the proliferation of non-overt franchise efforts to get personnel gradually l█red onto a counter-Divine Will basis knowingly, Willfully and avoidably, and ostensibly permanently. Once that's been accomplished prevalently throughout the non-overtly aware personnel, the overt landscape becomes quite a diff█rent and indeed dre█rier place indeed, where the emphasis on g█mes themselves becomes deprecated; 'joy' becomes a comparatively low priority and is deemed 'immature', 'regr█ssive' and 'unseemly' by personnel with 'more important priorities on their mind' such as trying to out-loyal and out-strategize each other.

But we wouldn't fully evaluate this symbol without looking specifically at a prominent and rather ancient sub-category of it, [sp█rts]. Practically all of which involves the strategic deployment of supposedly 'competing' groups of people to accomplish the same objective: to get a [sph█re], a [c█rcle] or some other numerological z█ro-applicable geometric symbol into a container, often with special (and rather symbolically-relevant) terminology and accompanying rules and equipment. And Babylonian Kabbalism is rather... interesting with regards to [d█sks] and [sph█res]. As in, sometimes it seems to use them to represent numerological z█ro. Other times, it appears to use them as a reference to the S█n, which is either 'the L█ght' (ostensibly representing Divine Will or truth) with a z█ro or f█re symbol neutralizing it, which would then parse as 'a counter-Divine Will position', as in 'it seems to be Divine Will but actually is not', or perhaps 'we're referencing those on a Divine Will basis yet know we need to keep our own position clear and distinct for our masters'. Whichever it means, the conceptual implications of putting either of those positions 'into a container' seems rather disturbing, not to mention vague. As in, it could refer to 'sincerely giving support to that position despite the appearances', or indeed 'striving to force that position into circumstances which are so unfavorable for it that it can no longer support its own cause openly'. Given that it's the same fundamental symbolism used by the Roman Catholic Establishment with their "S█n-d█sc waf█r-into-monstr█nce" routine, and indeed the ancient B██l-Had█d symbol itself from which it originates (the cent█r into which the waf█r is placed is even termed "the l█na"), the symbolic 'read' on that isn't particularly encouraging considering the organization's practical results in upholding Divine Will, True Nature and Divinely-conferred rights throughout the last umpty-tho█sand years wherever it's been influential.